Chandi Mangal

Title: Chandi Mangal
Artist: Meena Chitrakar
Dimensions (cm):274 x 56 (left); 360 x 56 (right)



Chandi Mangal

  1. Durgaa name of a goddess whose appearance is often beautiful but whose nature is nurturing as well as fierce. She was created from the combined tejas or fiery energy of the gods, who had been defeated by Mahisa Asura, the Buffalo Demon, and rode forth on her lion to battle the enemy. Her function is to restore Dharma and the cosmic balance, and to defeat the enemies of the gods. In many regions of India, Durga’s festival is celebrated at the end of Aswin (lunar month of September-October), known to her devotees also as Navaratri and Durga Puja. This is the case in Bengal., Durga, Taraa goddess that was temporarily abducted by Soma, the Moon god, and as a result gave birth to Buddha. oh mother, the remover of distress
  2. Hard to vanquish Dakshina Kalidakshina, semicircular altar in which offerings are made to the ancestors, Kali the black, name of the goddess of destruction; she is depicted as fierce in appearance, with a girdle of severed human hands, often holding a severed head and weapons in her hands, her long tongue smeared with blood. As such, she represents the destructive aspect of Mother Nature and does not tolerate evil, but also holds the promise of destroying the ignorance and the bonds of samsara (the cycle of life)., the daughter of the king of mountains (Himalaya)
  3. Lakshmithe wife of Vishnu, embodying prosperity and success, who emerged from the froth of the ocean, in full beauty with a lotus in her hand, when it was churned by the gods and the assuras. Her name is interchangeable with Sri. and Saraswatiin the Vedas just a river goddess, gradually came to represent waters in general with their cosmic symbolism, eventually becoming the goddess of wisdom and the wife of Brahma (the chief god during the period of Brahmanism). Now worshiped as the Goddess of Learning, especially students and teachers are on the left. Kartikabrev. for Kartikkeya (or Skanda), god of war, regarded as the son of Shiva, though the connection between them is somewhat indirect. The myths of origin of Kartikkeya 5 begin with the need of the gods for a general to lead their army in their combats with the demons, Ganesh, the lion, the Demon, Jayaa salutation to the Goddess, also Jaya and Bijaja, compaignons of the Goddess Chandi and Bijoyathe immersion festival of the Goddess Durga, the last day of Durgapuja. In some parts of India, Bijoya Dasami is the day of burning effigies of Ravana, the ten headed demon king. Signifying the triumph of good over evil, huge effigies of Ravana are built in prominent locations. For Bengalis, it is the Goddess Durga’s victory over the Asura, for others it is Lord Rama’s victory over Ravana (the two friends—sakhi) are with the mother.
  4. One day mother Durga was very pleased. She showed the jewels under the pomegranate tree.
  5. Kalketu got the jewels from under the dalim tree and established a city, cutting down the Gujarat jungle.
  6. Sadhua word meaning successful, excellent, or having reached a goal; the word is used particularly to refer to a holy man, renouncer or saint. was imprisoned for 14 years. Srimanta was born in Khullana’s womb.
  7. Srimanta grew up, was educated and wanted to go in search of his father.
  8. You are my only son, the apple of my eyes. I’ll be lost if I let you go.
  9. If you must go, first invoke Durga. When she was invoked she appeared.
  10. His mother gave him to the goddess. He started the boat saying—jai (hail) Bhabanior Bhavani, one of the name’s of the wife of Shiva; the name often used for the the Devi, the Goddess in shakta cults..
  11. In a storm in Magra Srimanta saw Kamini swallowing an elephant, sitting on a lotus.
  12. Kamala Kamini—in a lotus, swallowing an elephant, the mother of Ganeshathe elephant-headed, pot-bellied son of Shiva and Parvati, or of Parvati only. One legend tells that he sprang from the parings of Parvati’s body. He is the god of wisdom and remover of obstacles; hence he is often propitiated at the beginning of any important undertaking, and he is invoked at the commencement of books. He is said to have written the Mahabharata (the “great epic of the Bharatas” and the longest epic poem of the world, of great importance to the Hindus) from the dictation of Vyasa (the mythic compiler of many works on Hinduism, such as the Mahabharata)..
  13. The goddess swallows an elephant in a silence unbroken by any movement. Sadhu Srimanta does a million pronams.
  14. After bowing to her Srimanta shows up in Ratnamala’s ghat a bathing-place with steps leading to a river or pond, used for religious purposes; also a place on the bank of a river used for cremation and funeral rites, the relics and ashes being thrown into the river at the end.
  15. There is the sound of Dhamsa (a kind of drum) in the ghat. The king’s officers are fighting among themselves.
  16. Whose is the kingdom? The officers are bleeding it white. They don’t bother to ask or inform the king.
  17. King Shalibahan was sitting, having neglected his golden kingdom. Srimanta stood before him with folded palms.
  18. He said, “Oh King, I have seen a goddess on a lotus swallowing an elephant in your kingdom.”
  19. “Where is that Srimanta? Show it to me—I will give you half my kingdom and marry you to my daughter.
  20. But if you can’t, listen to my words. You will be killed in the execution ground in the south.”
  21. Having made that promise, King Shalibahan came to Kalidaha to see Kamala Kamini.
  22. Mother Bhagabati played a trick. She hid within the hundred petals of the lotus.
  23. Being unable to show her, Srimanta was in a fix. The city keeper came to execute him and tied him up.
  24. Ensnared, Srimanta prayed to Durga and she displayed herself, resplendent with 18 arms.
  25. Where did you go mother; who worshipped you? Indra the king of gods became the king of heaven, having worshipped you.
  26. I’m giving you this boon, Srimanta. You will marry King Shalibhan’s daughter.

I’m ending my poem here. I am Meena Chitrakar, from Naya, Pingla, Midnapur.