Satya Pir

Title: Satya Pir
Artist: Jamuna Chitrakar
Dimensions (cm): 290 x 56

Sung by Jamuna Chitrakar.

Group singing.


Satya Pir
Jamuna Chitrakar

  1. Where are you o Satya Pir; I’m in your hands. Who else but you can save us from shame?
  2. You are Narayan for the Hindus, PirMuslim ascetic, Muslim saint for the Momins You are famous for having sinni (offering) from both the races.
  3. Satya Pir says—I’ll take the name Satya (truth) and establish my identity to the king of Sindhu (Sind?)
  4. having thought thus Satya Pir went to the kingdom disguised as mendicant (fakir).
  5. He tells the king—you’ll have a child by my blessings if you worship me.
  6. The king asked—what are the things that are required to worship you? The fakir said—let me tell you first.
  7. You must give me a house and tie a cow and her calf there.
  8. The king and queen promised to do it. Some time later a son was born to them.
  9. They forgot all about the sinni. Then the child died from cholera and small pox.
  10. Oh what bad luck? I’ve lost everything in my old age.
  11. The omniscient one came to know and appeared to the king and said in his heart
  12. How could you forget to give me sinni?
  13. In his sleep the king showed arrogance. In sorrow the Pir went to the forest.
  14. The royal couple went for trade on a ship. The ship sank in the deep sea.
  15. The king and the queen invoked Satya Pir to save them.
  16. Listen to me—king. Why did you make promises?
  17. Both the king and the queen said—Baba, if you save us from drowning we’ll keep our promise.
  18. By the grace of the Pir, the sunken ship came up at the bank
  19. The dead child was brought to life. The king and queen worshipped the Pir once they reached home.
  20. A golden shelter was provided and a cow with her calf tied to it.
  21. The queen offered sinni and cooked food to Pir. From that day the worship of Pir became popular.
  22. Sanatan Mondol was a well known miser of the village. He refused to worship the Pir.
  23. A tiger bit the rascal on his shoulder while a crocodile was pulling at his legs.
  24. He was dying from being pulled apart from both sides. His fellow villagers said look the miser is dying.
  25. Let the scoundrel die. What had he left for this world?
  26. I end the tribute to Pir here. Both Hindus and Muslim bow to him