Bin Laden – 11 September

Title: Bin Laden – 11 September
Artist: Swarna Chitrakar
Dimensions (cm): 275.5 x 56


Bin Laden — September 11
Swarna Chitrakar

Listen carefully everyone. Let me tell you about the destruction of the World Trade Center.

On Tuesday, September 11, WTC was destroyed, burnt to cinders.

It came in the news, all the villagers heard about it.  Hundreds lost their lives.

Think; who can do this? Specialists are trying to figure it out all the time.

The WTC building was burnt. People wail about their loved ones being burnt to death.

The Army came and rescued a lot of people, giving them strength of mind.

Many are taken to the Hospital. The Doctors say—many will need amputations.

There was a man named Sujoy Sarkar in Calcutta. His son, Ajay used to be a Doctor, happily working in WTC. He was thinking of arranging a marriage for Ajay, who had said over phone that he will come home on the 15th. They were supposed to have seen a girl in Sonarpur for him. Ajay was happy to learn about this. His parents were counting days.

But who can avoid what is destined?  He lost his life on the 11th. A telegram arrived, telling Sujoy. He was not able to bear the news. Both father and mother were wailing; they had no idea what to do.

Such a city in the US, comparable to paradise! How could such an accident happen there? All hearts were breaking, after hearing this.

The Talibans in Afghanistan were pleased and Laden smiled. He thought he had taught George Bush a lesson.

Bush roared at him—be warned. Laden was prepared and there was a war. Who knows where Laden went? Talibans left Afghanistan and the US and Afghanistan lived happily ever after.