Bin Laden – 11 September

Title: Bin Laden – 11 September (Laden Story)
Author: Lutfa Chitrakar
Dimensions (cm): 415 x 55.5


Laden pat Lutfa Chitrakar 

  1. In the beginning, Laden destroyed White House with a plane.
  2. Then Bush arranged a meeting with all his army regarding temples & mosques. But Laden army started a war to disrupt it.
  3. Bush summoned all his soldiers. The soldiers were admitted in hospitals.
  4. Bush goes to the hospitals to visit his injured soldiers. After his return, he again sits down with the army.
  5. On the other side Laden also finds out in Afghanistan that many of his soldiers have also been killed.
  6. He started a war with US army.
  7. Now Bush declared that whoever would produce Laden’s head to him would be given a prize money of Rs 5 crores
  8. Laden’s soldiers reported this to him.
  9. Laden left the country in the dark of night. Nobody knows if he is alive or dead.

The end.