Title: HIV / AIDS
Artist: Swarna Chitrakar
Dimensions (cm): 284 x 56


Swarna Chitrakar

Listen, everyone, pay attention. I would like to talk about HIV AIDS.
HIV came from the West and has infected hundreds in India.

It is not an infectious disease. It spreads from 4 things:
Using the same syringe for addiction, using the same syringe for injection; from pregnant HIV carrier women. Or having unprotected sex with ‘infected’ women

In case these four things are taken care of, HIV will not occur. That is why I request the Doctors; the syringes for injection should be changed.

In case of blood transfusion, the blood has to be checked first.

If a pregnant mother carries a baby, it can be born infected.

I appeal to all Indians to use Nirodh condoms.

If anybody has AIDS, don’t keep it secret. Get admitted to the district hospital. You can test your blood in confidence paying Rs 10 in VCTC centers.