These files catalogue other projects and research by Lina Fruzzetti and Ákos Östör. Click here to view articles and further information about the Singing Pictures.

Books by Lina Fruzzetti:

The Gift of a Virgin. Women, Marriage. and Ritual in a Bengali Society. Delhi: Oxford University Press, 1983, 1993.

Women, Orphans, and Poverty: Social Movements and Ideologies of Work in India1998.


Books by Lina Fruzzetti and Ákos Östör:

Concepts of Person: Kinship, Marriage, and Caste in India (edited with Steve Barnett). 1982, 1992.

Kinship and Ritual in Bengal. 1984.

Culture and Change Along the Blue Nile: Courts, Markets and Strategies for Development. 1989.

Calcutta Conversations. 2003.


Books by Ákos Östör:

Europeans and Islanders in the Western Pacific. 1981.

The Play of the Gods: Locality, Ideology, Time, and Structure in the Festivals of a Bengali Town. London: The University of Chicago Press, 1980, 2004.

Culture and Power. Legend, Ritual, Bazaar and Rebellion in a Bengali Society. New Delhi: Sage Publications, 1984.

Vessel of Time. An Essay on Temporal Change and Social Transformation. Delhi: Oxford University Press, 1993.

Making Forest of Bliss: A Conversation between Robert Gardner and Ákos Östör. 2001.


Films by Lina Fruzzetti and Ákos Östör

Seed and Earth (with Alfred Guzzetti and Ned Johnston). 1995.

Khalfan and Zanzibar (with Alfred Guzzetti). 2000.

Fishers of Dar (with Amandina Lihamba and Steven Ross). 2001.


Films by Ákos Östör

Loving Krishna (with Allen Moore). 1985.

Sons of Shiva (with Robert Gardner). 1985.

Serpent Mother (with Allen Moore). 1985

Forest of Bliss (with Robert Gardner). 1986.