Title: HIV / AIDS
Artist: Rani Chitrakar
Dimensions (cm): 275 x 56 (left); 278 x 56 (right)



Rani Chitrakar

Listen to me everyone, pay attention. I want to speak about HIV now.

HIV arrived in India from the west and has infected millions.

It is not an infectious disease, but is spread through 4 viruses.

The first comes through blood transfusion, the second through infected syringes, the third from pregnant carrier mothers and the last from unprotected sex.

If a man or a woman has AIDS, it won’t infect a partner if condoms are used. Nirodh condoms stop infection.

In case of ailments where a transfusion is required, the blood has to be checked carefully. In case the blood is contaminated the recipient will have AIDS. So I ask the doctors to be very careful. The blood needs to be checked properly.

There are many who drug addicts are. They use the same syringe to take drugs; if one of them has dugs all the others may have HIV.

That is why I say—people, be careful .the syringe must be changed every time. In case that is not possible, boil it for 20 minutes in hot water.

If pregnant mothers have AIDS, the baby will have HIV virus.

Pregnant mothers, don’t hide these things from the doctor; it must be checked. You can test your blood for 10 RS in the Sadar hospital in VCTC. This will be kept totally secret. Your lives will be regularized.