Title: Krishna
Artist: Jamuna Chitrakar
Dimensions (cm): 275 x 56


Krishna Lila (The play of Krishna)
Jamuna Chitrakar

As soon as Krishna started playing on his flute under a tree, all the women of Braja were affected.

Some danced, some sang, some called to Hariname of the Lord Krishna. And Radhika the dreamy one rolled on the ground.

Radha went to bring water with a rolling gait, her sari covering her head. Krishna showed up on the banks. Radha pulled her veil closer when she saw him. You are my nephew by marriage, I happen to be your aunt. How can you tease me so, shameless Kanaia name of Krishna?

Let Ayan Ghosh (Radha’s husband) come back; I’ll break your head and tear your hair. I’ll make you sell the cows from your barn.

Let my cows go to hell Radha. I can buy cows. But where will I find such a beauty as you?

Why do you lust after a woman who belongs to another Kanai? Go home and ask your father to arrange your marriage.

I had gone to get married but as fate would have it, I was told to get married to Radha only.

Why do you call me the dark one oh daughter of Brishabhanufather of Radha, Krishna’s lover.. How can I help it if God has made me dark?

The water of Jamunaor Yamuna, a river widely regarded as sacred that emerges from the Himalayas, flows past Delhi and Mathura, in north-western India, and joins the Ganges at Prayaga. is dark, drunk by everybody; when the dark clouds bring rain the parched earth is cooled.

Krishna lamented like this. He then asked his flute to turn into a black snake and holding on to Radha’s left leg bit her on the right one.

Radha swooned while walking and called on Krishna.

Where are you Kanai—show yourself. Save me; I’ve been bitten by a black snake. You heal me.

Krishna was pleased and asked Radha—tell me truly, how far has the poison gone?

There was no poison. Radha was healed and the two were united.