Life of Women

Title: Life of Women
Artist: Karuna Chitrakar
Dimensions (cm): 276 x 56

All of us know—women are greater. We accept that women are able to bear children.

We know women are great—Goddess Durganame of a goddess whose appearance is often beautiful but whose nature is nurturing as well as fierce fierce . She was created from the combined tejas or fiery energy of the gods, who had been defeated by Mahisa Asura, the Buffalo Demon, and rode forth on her lion to battle the enemy. Her function is to restore Dharma and the cosmic balance, and to defeat the enemies of the gods. In many regions of India, Durga’s festival is celebrated at the end of Aswin (lunar month of September-October), known to her devotees also as Navaratri and Durga Puja. This is the case in Bengal. is a woman—the mother of earth.

We know women are great—Mahamayaa name of the Goddess, especially under her aspect as Durga, called also Mayadevi.—we worship them.

Goddess Saraswatiin the Vedas just a river goddess, gradually came to represent waters in general with their cosmic symbolism, eventually becoming the goddess of wisdom and the wife of Brahma (the chief god during the period of Brahmanism). Now worshiped as the Goddess of Learning, especially students and teachers is a woman—she provides learning.

We accept that women are great—Matangini Hajra—a woman sacrificed her life for the country. We know women—our Prime Minister Indira Gandhi was a woman.

We accept women are great—Mother Teresa was a woman who used to serve humanity.

All of us accept that women—tribal women labor in the fields.

See—women are driving cars, airplanes—we know that women are great.

I am ending my poem here—I am Karuna Chitrakar, a scroll painter from Aamkaya, Midnapur.