Santal Origins

Title: Santal Origins
Artist: Rani Chitrakar
Dimensions (cm): 278 x 56


First, the women are using dhenkismanual husking machine. (manual husking machines) to husk rice; men are carrying earth in baskets. Some are fishing in the tanks. In a neighborhood buses and taxis are plying. Seeds are being sown in the fields. Cattle are grazing in pastures; classes are going on in the school. People are buying vegetables, fishmongers are selling fish. Some are milking cows. Then weddings are being celebrated; garlands are exchanged; food is cooked. Rice is husked; some are going to the market on rickshaws. Some are beating their wives with shoes, totally drunk. Some mothers are beating their kids for not going to school.

Others are frying muri (puffed rice); the baby is swinging in its cradle.

Now we come to a scroll painter’s neighborhood. The women are painting scrolls.

Then Santhals (a tribe in India) are singing in the tribal neighborhood. Mats are woven. Potters are making pots and weavers are weaving. Mothers are combing their daughter’s hair. The women’s committee meetings are being held. Some are drawing water from the tube wells. Baskets are made; others are chopping vegetables; cutting fish. Girls are swinging from swings tied on trees. Mothers are bathing their babies; children are bathing.

Gadaburo (an old man) is making fishing hooks.