Sung by Monimala Chitrakar.

Title: Sita/Ramayana
Artist: Swarna Chitrakar
Dimensions (cm): 283 x 56


span class=”tooltip”> Ram Prince of Ayodhya and hero of the Ramayana, he is depicted as a human hero and as an avatara or incarnation of Vishnu, usually counted as the seventh incarnation in a list of ten. He married Sita and was to assume the throne but, due to palace intrigue, was exiled to the forest, where he was accompanied by his wife and younger brother Lakshmana. There they experienced many adventures, namely the abduction of Sita by Ravana. was married with all the rituals. He had to go to the forest to honor his father’s promise. Ram went ahead, followed by Janakia patronymic of Sita.. Lakshman, the archer went behind her.

The heat of the Sun above, the hot sand underfoot; Sita the soft (sheltered) woman couldn’t walk. Lakhman broke off a thick branch and advised her to walk slowly with the help of that.

They reached Panchabati or Panchavati, a place in the great southern forest near the sources of the Godavari, where Rama passed a long period of his banishment. forest where Lakhsman built a hut made of leaves. There Ram and Sita played a game of dice, guarded by Lakhsman.

Shurpanakhasister of the demon king Ravana. Infatuated with Rama who is in love with his wife Sita, she appeals to her older brother Ravana to avenge her humiliation, while enchanting him with descriptions of Sita’s beauty. Her oncle, Maricha, takes the form of a golden deer, captivating Sita who sends Lakshmana, her protector, to go to Rama’s aid. had come to cull flowers. Lakshman cut off her nose. She went to her brother Ravana with her nose in her hand and rolled at his feet.

The clever Ravana lost his temper, seeing the sorry state of his sister. He started fuming.

He summoned Marich and ordered him to go to Panchabati where the trio was. He should call for Lakshman in Ram’s voice when Ram went to catch him

Being asked to do that, Marich turned into a magic deer and went to dance in front of the hut. Chandramukhi (the moon faced beauty Sita) asked Ram to get her the beautiful deer to make her happy.

Ram was unable to refuse her request and went to catch the deer. As he ran after the deer it almost flew away.

The magic deer now cried out in Ram’s voice—Oh I am being killed, come my brother Lakkshman. Sita heard the calls.

Where are you, brother lakkshman, take this pan and go and look for your elder brother. But my brother had asked me to guard you my dear. Why are you asking me to go away?

I know why you don’t want to go. If Ram dies, you will be my husband. Laksman

Put both hands to his ears. Shame on you Sita—you are my mother Sumitraone of the four wives of Dasaratha, a prince of the Solar lineage and king of Ayodhya, and mother of Lakshmana and Satrughna, Ram is my father.