Title: Tsunami
Artist: Snehalata Chitrakar
Dimensions (cm): 286 x 56


A song on Tsunami
Snehalata Chitrakar

Oh mother of the ocean, Mother of GangaGanges river, flowing out of the Himalaya Mountains and across north India from west to east, emptying in the Bay of Bengal close to Calcutta. It is seen as sacred by many Hindus and as the most sacred river in India. It is regarded as the most auspicious funeral, particularly at Varanasi (Banaras). Many Hindus make pilgrimage to the Ganges and bathe in it for its reputed power to remove one’s bad karma (action, ritual act)., why did you take so many lives (forcibly).  Oh, brother, the sea water cane in a great rush, with trees and leaves floating in it. So many men are killed. My heart weeps for them.

Mothers are bereft of children; children lose their mothers, wives are husbandless. What pain; Oh Dayal (merciful one) of my heart; how my heart weeps.

The sky weeps, the wind cries, the unlucky mother weeps for her lost kids.

It is hard to understand your play (Lilaplay, both in the sense of a game and of a drama, God’s play, playful and erotic activities of Krishna. Also referred to Shiva Nataraja, whose dance of cosmic destruction and creation is a performance of unmotivated enjoyment, khela). How you make some cry and others smile.

The army came when they got the news. They rescue people, shedding tears.

Sri Lanka, Thailand, Andaman—people from 12 countries died untimely deaths