Victimization of Women

Title: Victimization of Women
Artist: Rani Chitrakar
Dimensions (cm): 274 x 56


Listen to me everyone, listen carefully. Let me speak about the murder of women.
Scientists have invented such a machine that everything inside a pregnant woman can be seen. If it is a baby girl they suck her out and kill her. Parents are unhappy if a girl child is born. They don’t send her to school, but to the kitchen.

Women work beside their husbands on the fields. They come back home and do all the housework. There is no peace in a woman’s life. So many women are killed for dowry demands. Oh destiny, women are put on the funeral pyre with their husbands.

Women fight for freedom. Rani Rasmani, Matangini Hajra died from bullets.

Children get so much love from their mothers. So, how can the same girls are murdered off?

If women are finished off like this, the human race will die out.