Victimization of Women

Title: Victimization of Women
Artist: Swarna Chitraka
Dimensions (cm): 281 x 56


Listen to me everyone, listen carefully.
Listen to a tale of torture for dowry demands.
A man named Kalipada lived in Ranaghat in Nadia district.

Two brothers were there, named Kalipada and Haripada. Their mother’s name was Durga Rani. She was a “great one.” Somehow the family of three pulled along.

The brothers had gone to school. Kalipada, the elder passed MA. He got a job in Bardhaman district.

Sometime later, he came home. Durga had planned to arrange his marriage. She heard of a girl in Baruipur.

Ushadidi, the daughter of Rajen Sarkar of Baruipur was beautiful, fair and a post graduate too.

Kalipada saw her and approved. There was some haggling over dowry. Rajen had to give Rs 25.000 cash and a watch, gold chain, earrings and bangles

This was the agreement. The couple went to spend the wedding night. In the morning Rajen came, short of Rs 5000.

Hearing that Kalipada and his family started abusing Usha. She was mortally hurt and thought she wouldn’t show her face again.

That night, in anguish she hanged herself –listen o inhabitants of India.

In the morning the neighbors came and were bewildered.

Rajen came, after hearing the news. Why did my daughter kill herself?
The mother in law said—I don’t know anything. Why did my daughter in law kill herself?

The others said—we know Durga rani how angry you were because the dowry was 5000 short.

We know. Let’s go to the police station. You have to come, Kalipada. You’ll be in trouble otherwise. The father in law and son in law went to the police. The inspector initiated a case. The police went to arrest the culprits. Durga rani was hiding in her home.

The mother and son were imprisoned. The magistrate gave the verdict that they will be in prison.